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Rachel Pinnington

You're One in a Million.

80% of Entrepreneurs Fail Because They Lack a Clear, Unique Value Propositon.

No matter what you do, there is someone else who does it. But your story, your drive, what you know, how you learn, the company you keep - all of these things make you a completely unique value proposition. In the entire world, there is only one you.  

According to Forbes Magazine, most entrepreneurs fail because they lack a true connection with customers and a clearly defined unique value proposition. I can help you with both. 

Together, we will engage with your customers about: 

  • what keeps them up at night that you can help out with, thereby gaining their loyalty;
  • the information and knowledge they thirst for;
  • where they learn and spend their time; 
  • how and how much they want you to stay in touch;
  • who they might be willing to connect you with.

I will then craft a communications strategy detailing how to target, attract and retain more customers or clients just like them, and many more. I can also write clear, compelling content to convince people why they should choose you over others, including:

  • website material;
  • sales tools, such as sales decks, one pagers, prospect letters and brochures;
  • editorial content, such as blog posts or news releases; 
  • so much more...

Ready to ensure you're in the top 20th percentile of entrepreneurs who succeed? Call me at 647-239-6240 or email me at

Case Studies

With Connectiv Innovation, I helped the former Chief Information Officer of Kimberly Clarke identify professional associations to join and speaking engagements, conferences and business development opportunities to pursue to build his private brand label. Through my personal contacts, I also helped him grow his prospect list and his team.

With Smile By Design, I conducted a thirty-person brainstorming session to engage the staff in helping to grow the business. I also developed a grass roots marketing strategy to differentiate the practice in a saturated market, while fostering the owner's reputation as a responsible corporate citizen, vested in helping the communities he serves.  

With Magyar, Bogle & O'Hara, I held a team brainstorming session to identify the firm's largest opportunities  to enhance and grow its reputation. I also trained the Partners on how to maximize LinkedIn and social media to grow the business.